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48+ open golf for competitive professionals and amateurs throughout Europe.

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Senior Golf Circuit / Regulations


The Senior Golf Circuit Tournament Regulations

01-March-2016 – The Senior Golf Circuit is owned by Senior Golf Circuit Ltd and is referred to below as the “SGC”.


Whilst the SGC website provides an entry platform, the entry by the player is lodged with the Tournament Organiser who is the owner of the tournament.

The SGC accepts no responsibility for the handling of entry money, prize money or for any loss, damage or injury issues arising from a tournament. Players must ensure that they have appropriate insurances and pay appropriate taxes.

The following regulations apply, unless otherwise stipulated by the Tournament Organiser. If unforeseen circumstances arise, Tournament Organisers may change any regulation at short notice. When possible this will be done in consultation with the SGC


Tournaments are typically open to

A tournament may also be open to


All tournament entries must be made through the SGC website. Entries will be accepted on a first come basis.  Non-members pay a non-refundable “non-member entry charge” upon entry.


Players must conduct themselves in a manner which does credit to the SGC. Neither obscenity audible to the public, nor abuse of equipment will be tolerated.

The Tournament Organiser and his referee/s will be the sole judges as to whether suitable standards have been met.

Tournament Rules

The tournaments are played without handicap and in accordance the R and A Rules of Golf. Exception:

The SGC has its own permanent local rules “Hard Card” which includes the following:

Distance measuring devices are permitted

Temporary local rules are determined by the Tournament Organiser and his referee/s.


There may be pro-ams, clinics or media events on the before day or during the tournament. All professional entrants must make themselves available for such events. Participation may go unpaid.

Media Release

Players agree to release all media rights to the SGC and the Tournament Organiser without compensation. This will include any coverage of play, any activity at the event venue, interviews, testimonials for display in tour marketing, videos, newspapers, magazines, television internet posting, broadcasting and all other forms of media.


The use of buggies is at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser. When using buggies, players may not drive significantly ahead of fellow competitors in the same group

Assumption of Risk

All players assume all risk and indemnify SGC, the Tournament Organiser and any host club against all liability, loss and expense arising from participation in any SGC recognised event. The participant agrees to compensate the host club or any other party which incurs loss, damage or injury caused by the participant’s actions.


Costs must be covered, but the professional fund shall be no less than 80% of all the professional entry fees. The prize fund may be supplemented by “added money” from sponsorship and amateur participation.


 Rank Money %
Entry Fee 300 1 3,000 17.14
Number of Payers 50 2 2,000 11.43
3 1,700 9.71
4 1,400 8.00
Sponsorship 5500 5 1,200 6.86
6 1,000 5.71
Costs 3000 7 800 4.57
Total Prize Fund 17,500 8 700 4.00
9 650 3.71
10 600 3.43
11 550 3.14
12 500 2.86
13 450 2.57
14 400 2.29
15 350 2.00
16 300 1.71
17 250 1.43
18 220 1.26
19 190 1.09
20 160 0.91
Over 60 1 300 1.71
Over 60 2 200 2.67
Skins top up 200 1.78
Total 17,120 99.99

Amateurs may require monetary prizes to be in the form of vouchers.

Players are responsible for the declaration of winnings and the payment of any taxes due.





OVER 60s